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2019 KC Cares for Kids Walk


Why We Participate

We’ve joined the fight against pediatric cancer and blood disorders by signing up for the KC Cares for Kids Walk. Now, we need your help to reach our fundraising goal. It’s going to take all of us to put an end to childhood cancer and blood disorders, so please support us by making a donation or by joining our team.

Braxton's Story

Braxton was diganosed with Nearoblastoma Cancer in April of 2018. This came completly out of no where. Braxton started vomiting one night over and over until Steven and I decided to take him to Children's Mercy urgent care where they then decided to do a chect x-ray. That is then when they found the mass in his chest. That same night they sent us straight to Children's Mercy downtown where we started doing tests after tests hoping and praying that it would be a false reading. With grandparents and Braxton's aunt by our sides we got the worse possible news we could ask for. The results came back as he had a cancerous tumor in his chest that was attached to his spine and would need surgery to remove it but everything else as in the staging and if they would be able to get the whole tumor or if he needed chemo was all unknown. After almost 48 hours in the hospital we got to go home to sit by the phone and wait for the next call. Braxton had the tumor removed on April 26th 2018 but they couldn't get the whole thing. They had to leave the tail of the tumor in in still due to all the bigger risks if they were to take it out. So for now, we do not have to do chemo but we go in monthly for urine and blood tests and every 3 months for scans. So far the tumor has not grown and we pray it never does again! We are so thankful for Children's Mercy and everything they do for the kids and families! Thank you everyone for your love and support!

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